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Pain Relief Specialists

EMG Testing Services Atlanta, Georgia

EMG Testing

This test helps to identify the location and severity of conditions that cause pain, numbness or weakness and help your healthcare provider to determine ways to provide pain relief.

Phyical Therapy Services Atlanta, Georgia

Phyical Therapy

We help peope achieve their max rehabilitation potential and functional mobility. Our goal is to “Get YOU Back on Track”.

Occupational Hand Therapy Services Atlanta, Georgia

Occupational Hand Therapy

The goal of is to help our clients achieve their max rehabilitation potential, especially as it relates to activities of daily living.

Electrodiagnostic (EMG)
Testing Services


Greg D.

I’m so happy with my progress. The staff is very attentive and helped me get to my best! You guys rock!

- Greg D


Michael W.

Dr. Romero is excellent with his care. Very thorough and helps with each level of care. Takes most insurance to include the VA Choice program.

- Michael W


Richard J

They did a great job

- Richard J.


Carol G.

I liked the fact that this physical therapy place is smaller that most. You start out in the private room for some TENS treatment (electric nerve stimulation), heating pad and some exercises. Then you go into their gym/work-out room to use some of the exercise equipment. (I’ve been to physical therapy places before that had large gyms and young people working out and it was sort of intimidating.) Everyone is really nice at Physical Therapy Pros. Dr. Leon Romero was very helpful and professional! I highly recommend this place!

- Carol G

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